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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly From The Eagles Win In Houston

Sexy’s back and like it or not, it’s probably his team for the rest of the season. Let’s be realistic. This is week 10 of 17. Foles is out at least 4-6 weeks (Aaron Rogers was out last year for 7 games with a similar injury). Say Foles is out 6 weeks with the Eagles playing Car, @GB, Tenn, @Dal, Sea, Dal. If the Eagles go 3-3 or worse and Sanchez plays like dick, you go back to Foles. But if they go 4-2 during those games and Sanchez looks decent, how can the Eagles bench him?

History and buttfumble aside, Sanchez looked FANTASTIC during training camp and preseason in Chip’s system. In fact, he looked so good there were blowhards in this city who wanted him to start over a guy who just came off of a Pro Bowl, 27 TD and 2 INT season. I didn’t agree with that, but Mark’s a 27-year-old former 5th overall pick who has played in 2 AFC Championship games. I think Sanchez will excel…and it could be the start of a beautiful relationship at Foles’ expense.

Jeremy Maclin, AGAIN – 6 for 158 and 2 TD’s on 7 targets. PAY THE MAN HIS MONEY.
The Rush Offense – CHOO CHOO all day long. Not just Shady who rushed for 117 yards on 23 carries. Sproles found holes. Chris Polk ran ANGRY. That 4 play, 70 yard TD drive on 4 straight runs was a thing of beauty. Gotta give credit to the O-Line who will get a healthy Evan Mathis back next week. Keep that train rolling.

The D - Sure, Hopkins had a big game, they gave up 300 total yards and had 1 takeaway (Ryans INT which was instantly given back for a 1st down). BUT, they also only gave up 14 points. Combine that with 4 more sacks and some timely stops and it’s an overall great game by Billy Davis’ crew.


Protect thy QB, Lane -

WHY IS JOSH HUFF STILL ON THE FIELD??????????? – Yes, he’s a rookie, but there’s only so many chances he should get if he’s solely responsible for turnovers.

Why isn’t Zach Ertz getting the ball more?????? – Not exactly bad, just an open ended question every week.


The Toddfather – Todd Herramens could have been Goro out there with 6 freaking healthy arms and he wouldn’t have been able to stop JJ Watt. I admire the toughness, but if he can’t get the job done with one arm (torn bicep, left game with elbow injury) he shouldn’t be out there.
Texas’ finest – Breeders gonna breed.



THE UGLIEST – Losing Demeco Ryans for the season to a torn Achilies. Just a damn, damn shame. This hurts the team more than the Foles injury. A “downgrade” to Sanchez at QB is nothing like the gravitational plummet to Casey Matthews. Chip said it best:
“He’s the true leader. We talk about it all the time. He’s Mufasa. He’s our guy. When a warrior goes down, you pick up his shield and go play in honor of him, and I think that’s what our guys did.”

Fucking-A. Mufasa is the perfect nickname for this man. Get well for next season, big man.

And that’s that. 6-2. First place in the NFC East. Next up is Carolina on MNF who started 2-0 but has went 1-5-1 since. Expect a battle.


Time to try the chicken fingers.