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Aaron Rodgers Sitting, Watching And Letting A Guy Buy Danica Patrick Drinks Was The Most Embarrassing Thing In Milwaukee Last Night

I can’t stop laughing at this video. Aaron Rodgers just sitting there, not saying anything as this guy hands Danica Patrick and her friend drinks. What a move. This is obviously under the assumption that Rodgers doesn’t know this guy. Especially because I want this image to be real:

How about Danica pulling the money out too? The whole scene is absolutely fantastic and really Rodgers just sitting there, with that blank stare on his face remembering how he has one less Super Bowl than Eli Manning is laugh out loud funny.

Like Hubbs says here:

You have to worry about Rodgers elusiveness now. He’s known for feeling the defense, getting outside the pocket and extending the play. I don’t see him extending shit here. If anything this is him falling to the ground and taking a sack on a 3 step drop.

It truly was the most embarrassing performance in Milwaukee last night.

Ah, who am I kidding. No it wasn’t. Fuck the Celtics

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