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I Dare You To Try And Out-Chug Packers O-Lineman David Bakhtiari

A few things evaporated into existence tonight: The Boston Celtics and David Bakhtiari’s beers. As the kids would say, he deleted the hell out of those beers (I will never use that phrase ever again).

Also, I don’t love Aaron Rodgers’ awareness in the pocket here as this creepy guy bought Danica and her friend drinks and refused to take money right in front of him. Just felt like a weird scene. What the fuck is in that drink?

Might need Bak to step in there and take this man outside. If there’s one guy I don’t trust, it’s this guy in the green long sleeve. Part of me wants to believe he’s just a super nice fella from Milwaukee, but part of me has seen too many movies and is always on high alert.