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It Appears The Microphone Has Officially Bent The Knee To Nikola Jokic

Man, everything really coming up Jokic right now. Just a few days ago I blogged about the biggest battle of this entire postseason, and I have to give the microphone credit it put up a good fight so far this postseason. A quick recap of this heated battle will bring you up to speed

But just like he’s doing to his opponents on the court, Jokic is simply too much to handle and this battle appears to be officially over. The microphone waved the white flag and wasn’t even interested in putting up a fight after being destroyed time and time again this series. To think Jokic ended things so early despite having no playoff experience is rather impressive, and coming off his 25/19/6 performance last night it’s clear the microphone wanted no part of another round. Pathetic really. I’m honestly not sure who Jokic has been rag dolling more, this piece of technology or the Blazers frontcourt, because both have been equally futile in their attempt to win that matchup.

The only concern I may have if I’m Jokic is the fact there’s most likely going to be a few more press conferences in this Blazers series. That matchup has 7 games written all over it, so maybe this is the microphone’s ploy to get Jokic to relax. Classic tactic to let your opponent think they’ve won so they take their foot off the gas and then you come back with everything you have and take them out. If he stays alert through the rest of this series though, now that his biggest obstacle is now behind him I don’t see how the Nuggets don’t advance to the WCF. Now there are a couple new challengers it seems, Zach Collins comes to mind

but it’s only a matter of time before he joins the microphone and ultimately bends the knee to Jokic.