My Dad Was On Fox News Eating A Breakfast That Would Make Gaston Nut To The Moon

Ignore the political fodder and look down at the real meal: the meal. My god. WHAT A PLATE! At my count, that’s 10 sunny side up eggs and a large coke to wash it all down. Delicious!

The best part? There’s not a touch of pepper or salt on the whole damn plate. If the good Lord wanted eggs to have pepper on them, he would have shoved a pepper grinder in the hen’s ass. He didn’t. So we eat them plain as hell and get ready to fire up the big rig for another day of keepin em rollin. That, my friends, is some King of the Road shit and I fucking love it. Barkeep! Another 10 eggs for my friend!

(not really my dad but I wish he was)