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Gio Urshela And DJ LeMahieu Brought The Yankees Back From The Dead To Beat The Mariners

I mean what more can you say about this team? This team was asleep all game. Defensively they were a mess. Clint misplayed two balls in the outfield. Gio Urshela even botched a ball hit right at him and didn’t come up with one his usual unreal catches in short left field. I accepted it as a loss and to just move as one of those nights. Then the 9th inning rolled around and boom…MAGIC! Gio Urshela of course rips a two run bomb to tie in the 9th. Why wouldn’t he? Why wouldn’t the forgotten man in Cleveland and Toronto turn into the greatest baseball player of all time in 2019? I literally cannot describe how much I love this man. We do not deserve him, but goddamn he’s never leaving us as long as I have a single breath left in my body.

Then Cameron Maybin singles and advances to second on a wild pitch to set up the most sure thing for a hit you will ever see: DJ LeMahieu. If my life, my entire family’s life, and all of my friends’ lives were on the line and I needed one base hit to save them, I would want no one other than DJ LeMahieu at the dish. I’m not sure how the Yankees got him for $12 million a year, but I for sure am not complaining. He’s hitting above .500 with RISP with 13 hits. He is a fucking godsend.

What a fucking win. We always seem to find magic against Seattle. Last year Gary tied it with a bomb and Giancarlo sent us home with a blast in the 9th. This team is rolling and has no plans to stop. Next man up. Win. Get Hurt. Repeat. This feels like 2009 folks, I don’t care what you say.