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It Pains Me Deeply To See Paul Pierce Continue To Catch All These L's

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Seven

It’s true that since getting on TV Paul Pierce says things that could be considered a “hot take” Not quite Skip Bayless levels, but he’s certainly thrown some shit out there in the short time he’s been on the platform. But I have to say, it’s been very hard for me to repeatedly watch my childhood hero continue to take L’s like he has been over the last two months. I guess maybe it started a few years ago while Paul was on the Clippers and Draymond did this

and then there was the whole Isaiah tribute disaster, but really things have been pretty brutal since April. You remember what happened right? The infamous DWade comment

I get why he said it and look we could spend all day debating it, but the internet certainly took this comment and it was pretty much a solid few days of Paul Pierce roasting. For those of us who would take a bullet for Paul Pierce, this was tough to get through, but man was it only just the beginning.

Next came his comments after Game 1 of the second round. You know, where he declared the series against MIL was over

Listen who am I to get on someone for being a little drunk on Kool Aid. That’s how I live my life so I cannot judge Pierce for making a statement like this even though it was pretty crazy. We were all drunk off Celtics Kool Aid after such a dominant performance to start this series. None of us could have predicted Kyrie Irving was going to turn into a complete disaster and Gordon Hayward was going to do his best Casper The Ghost impression. Both of those dudes looked great in Game 1. But now, things haven’t exactly worked out like Pierce predicted

I mean are we at the point where the Paul Pierce Curse is now so powerful it cannot be stopped by anything, including the Charles Barkley Curse? I certainly did not see that coming. I just know that it’s been tough to watch a guy that was literally my generation’s Larry Bird keep ending up on the wrong end of shit like this. That is not how I want to think of Paul Pierce, the man that brought me the only title of my lifetime.

But man, maybe he needs to take a deep breath and chill out on this prediction stuff because look if you’re getting dunked on by Aaron fucking Rodgers it’s time to go back to the drawing board

It’s always tough to see your heroes fall, which is why I’m watching this on repeat during these trying times