Former UFC Fighter Anthony "Rumble" Johnson Arrested For Domestic Violence

TMZ- Ex-UFC star Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was arrested for domestic violence Monday night after admitting he got physical during an argument with his girlfriend, TMZ Sports has learned.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, a woman called police to report an altercation with her boyfriend, Anthony Johnson.

The woman claimed she had started to pack AJ’s belongings to throw him out of the house when he forcefully picked her up — “put her in a football hold” — and carried her into another room.

The woman claims “she was scared due to his size and martial arts experience.”

Another day, another MMA fighter arrested for domestic violence. For fuck’s sake, can we not clean this shit up? Jesus fucking Christ.

Now this case obviously sounds a bit different than others recently have, as nowhere does it say in the report or Johnson’s girlfriend’s statement to the police that Rumble hit her, or did anything other than forcefully pick her up and remove her from the room she was in, but guess what? You know how this could all be avoided? You follow the very simple rule of not laying your hands on a woman. It’s so easy to follow. Tremendously easy.

This shit is so frustrating. Fuckin’ A.