Blue Jackets GM Basically Telling Panarin And Bobrovsky To Go Fuck Off Somewhere In His Post-Series Interview


“I think it’s important moving forward that we’re going to have guys that are proud to be Blue Jackets and proud to be living in Columbus and loving it here,” Kekalainen said. “That’s really important — that they bleed blue, or whatever you want to call it.”

“Yeah. The guys that want to be here are going to be her and the guys that don’t want to be here, good luck.”


Dear Artemi and Bob…and maybe Dzingel and Duchene…


Part of me thought that this great run by the Jackets would lead to Panarin, Bob, and their collection of mercenaries to consider re-signing in Columbus. That building was BOOMING during the playoffs and it’s a team, that as presently constructed, seems to have everything you need to win. Great combination of young defensemen, gritty veterans like Jenner and Foligno, great goaltending, and high end skill in Panarin and Duchene. If they brought that same group back I think they’d be considered one of the favorites in the East next year. Now…it appears its going to be a Florida Marlins situation where they get a taste of success and then it’s all blown to pieces. My reaction to this news…

If you’re a team with money to spend, then the CBJ estate sale is the first place to go. Panarin, Duchene, Dzingel, Bobrovsky, Ryan Murray…maybe go nuts and offer sheet Zach Werenski. The prices will be high, but it’s money the Blackhawks have and peace we like. This is one a huge summer for the Hawks, obviously, and one man’s tragedy is another’s opportunity. It’s time to rob CBJ and strip them for parts. SING IT CELINE