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I'm Obsessed With This Lady Giving The Local News A Fart Sound And 'Who Cares' About The Royal Baby

What an unbelievable interview! I can’t get enough. I’m obsessed with this lady. Absolutely obsessed. This is exactly what I needed to see this morning.

Mostly because I’m in the same boat. I don’t care about the Royal Baby. Not my cup of tea. Let me know if he ends up as a top recruit in 18 years or so. Until then he serves no purpose to me except for content. So I guess I do care a little about it.

I feel a bit for the reporter here. First, you’re in Toledo, Ohio. There’s not a lot to do in Toledo, Ohio. You have to wait for corn fest in Swanton to really get crazy up there. So here you are ready for your big break to talk about some British baby and you find this sweet looking lady that could be someone’s aunt, mom or grandma. Perfect scenario. Right?

Think again.

Fart sound. Who cares. Laughter.

Imagine being the reporter here? How do you bounce back from that? You have to be terrified of the next person you ask about the Royal Baby, right? I mean there’s no way you’re comfortable going forward. That’s what happens when you get this sort of interview.

Fart sounds always play.