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Nikola Jokic vs Microphones Is The Best Battle Of The Postseason

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There are a lot of great matchups this postseason. You have Kawhi vs Jimmy Butler, Giannis vs the entire Celtics defense, KD vs Harden, the list goes on and on. But no battle has been more back and forth than Nikola Jokic vs microphones. For whatever reason these two do not like each other and we’re seeing it play out throughout this entire postseason. You may remember what went down last series

well things are no better now that we’re in Round 2. This is a battle that certainly looks like it may go the distance and last night was another chapter in this all time head to head war

I’m sorry, but Jokic’s face right when he sees that mic in two pieces gets me to laugh every single time. I’ve watched that clip like 10 times already this morning and I can’t help but chuckle. That was the face of a child that just broke something they weren’t supposed to touch and was filled with fear that their Mom was going to come and whoop that ass. The classic “somebody broke it” at the end if something every single one of us has done in our lives, even as adults. You work in an office and maybe break the copier? If someone walks in you immediately go with the “I dunno man someone must have jacked this up” in an attempt to draw attention away from yourself. Just another reason Jokic is so damn enjoyable. He looks like the rest of us in terms of body type, and sure the whole being one of the best big men in the entire NBA makes him a little different, but overall he’s just a big goofy guy trying figure out how to win this series against not only the Blazers, but against technology too.

It wouldn’t shock me if when he first saw it broken he immediately thought he was going to have to pay for it or something because if that’s not an “oh shit” face than I don’t know what is. Thinking a little next level here, if I’m the Nuggets maybe I try and find a way to keep giving Jokic faulty mics because it’s certainly working on the court. He had back to back triple doubles these last two games and is averaging 26.8/13.3/9.5 on 51/54% splits this series. I find a way to get him as many podium appearances as I can because it has apparently unlocked something that the Nuggets are going to need with the series tied 2-2.

This just goes to show how unpredictable the NBA playoffs can be. I don’t think anyone predicted that the most influential battle of any series would be Nikola Jokic vs a microphone but here we are.