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Gameday Throwback - Blues Playoff Overtime Goals Compilation + Game 6 Preview

Overtime is the most unforgiving thing in sports. There are no second chances and every decision has huge consequences. Today’s game is basically 60 minutes of Overtime. An elimination game means that a decision in the first minute of the game may very well affect the outcome of your entire season. Its awesome when it goes well but also makes you want to puke more than anything you can imagine.

The Blues outshot Dallas 39-27 on Friday night but were unable to really crack the code on Bishop. Binnington was incredible on the other end as well stopping breakaways and point blank chances all night. They had chance after chance to tie it up but it never came. This team is absolutely due. They will break through today and this series is going to Game 7.

If you ever took math class in high school, you know might know about probability and how odds work. At SOME POINT, this trend has to be broken, and I believe it will be today. This is the team that breaks the mold, and this is the team that is going to finally make it happen for the city of St. Louis. The Capitals who defied all odds last year to finally get over the hump after seemingly failing for 100 years straight were down 3-2 to the Lightning and came back to win. Facing elimination and overcoming it is the type of thing that propels a team to championships. This is the Blues first test of it today. I believe, in all my heart, that if the Blues win Game 6 today in Dallas, they will go on to win the Cup.