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So Apparently The Bears Already Looking To Extend Mitchy Trubisky??

Well this would be fucking AWESOME.  Or it would be awesome to anyone with a fucking brain at least.  Because even though the Bears have just about the worst QB history ever, there are still some meathead Bears fans out there that think and expect Trubs to be Drew Brees and want Pace’s head on a stake because they took him over Mahomes in 2017.

But Bears fans who have the ability to form a rational thought realize that Trubisky showed flashes of greatness himself last year and knows that the sky is the limit for him.  He’s athletic, has a hose, commands the huddle, and showed flashes of everything you want in a franchise QB.  Sure, he has a lot of work to do to be an upper echelon QB.  That’s an objective fact.  But He’s only entering his 3rd year as a start and improved leaps and bounds in 2018 over his rookie season.

But, that doesn’t totally matter as you can’t look at NFL roster construction in a vacuum. Money is obviously important.  Can’t just pay everybody in the NFL like in MLB.  Gotta make concessions.   And the Bears obviously loaded up on the defense by paying Mack, etc. knowing they had Trubisky on a rookie deal.

But if they can extend him long term at a reasonably under market rate for the production we hope he provides?  Sign us up ALL DAY.  Keep the Monsters of the Midway on the defensive side of the ball in tact, avoid depth issues on the entire 53 man, and maybe, just *maybe* go and find a kicker who can make a field goal.  I don’t want to see my guy Carl lose his mind because of a goddamn kicker again.