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Jeff Van Gundy Goes Absolutely BALLISTIC When Mark Jackson Calls Joel Embiid An All-Time Great

PUMP YOUR BRAKES! PUMP YOUR BRAKES! What an absolutely hilarious freak out by JVG. I mean I don’t blame him. You think he’s going to sit here and let Mark Jackson disrespect Patrick Ewing like that?

Not on his watch.

But it’s also just perfect. Listen, I love Van Gundy. But, he’s absolutely one of the guys who loves to talk about the past. Joel Embiid, is a freak. There’s no doubt about that. And there’s a chance he can go down as an all-time great. We can’t just say no because of how dominant guys like Shaq, Wilt, Hakeem, etc all were.

Just going to sit here and listen to JVG lose his shit all day. This might be my go to while watching the ponies this weekend. PUMP YOUR BRAKES!