Somebody's 100 Year Old Grandma Just Graduated From College


100-year-old Lucina Ball Moxley, was presented an honorary doctorate of arts. The Indianapolis resident is the granddaughter of William C. Ball, one of the five Ball brothers who founded the University a century ago.

I’m sure you’ve already seen it in person or on your timelines, but it’s college graduation season. Everyone’s graduating including Greg Oden,


Jen from UCLA (God bless),




and this 100 year old grandma.

Grandma Lucina received a doctorate of arts from Ball State University, a prestigious school in Muncie Indiana known for dirty water, meth, and David Letterman. Fun fact: Ball State was 1 of the 2 schools that declined my application to be a student. I’d say jokes on them, but it hurts more that this knockoff Sister Jean got her degree 78 years late, and a week before me.

Grandma Lucina will be joining some notable alumni names including David Letterman, Papa Johns, and Scott Halberstadt from Drake & Josh (great show).


Would you believe me if I said this lady was 27 years older than Letterman? You shouldn’t because she’s actually 28 years older.

My grandmas is 96 (I think), lives in a retirement home, and still thinks replays during NFL games are real time and goes crazy. In all seriousness, I am very proud of this lady’s accomplishment. She’s now set for life, which might last until next month or so. Can’t wait to see what picture she paints.