Somebody Is Selling A Slice Of Pizza That Was Partially Eaten By Patrick Mahomes And For $50, It Seems Like The Steal Of A Century

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Facebook – This half eaten piece of pizza was left behind by Patrick Mahomes at a Shawnee Mission Pizza Shoppe. Comes with a COA and a saliva test strip. I’ll toss in his used hand wipe and tooth pick for free. Serious inquiries only, please.

What’s that age old saying? “One Bite, everybody knows the rules”? Well it looks like Patrick Mahomes may have taken an extra bite out of this slice of ‘za, but that’s all it takes for this to no longer be just an ordinary pizza. This slice of pizza right here? While it may look truly horrific and makes frozen pizza look like a delicacy, this slice of pizza right here should also be viewed as an investment.

$50 for that particular slice of pizza could end up being the smartest financial decision somebody could possibly make in their lifetime. Because you have to think about it this way. Patrick Mahomes is without a doubt going to win a Super Bowl at some point throughout his career. Chances are that he’ll end up being the MVP of that Super Bowl. So think about the resale value on this slice of pizza once that day comes.

You buy this slice for $50 today, you can sell it for $500, $5,000 or even $5,000,000 in the future. And that’s without even taking the used hand wipe and tooth pick into consideration. You could sell each of those off separately if you wanted to. You know how people in the stock market talk about buying low and selling high? Well this would put all of those shit dicks on Wall St to shame. Because the ROI you could potentially receive on this slice of pizza is astronomical. And all the initial investment would cost is equivalent to taking your girl out to dinner. So tell the lady friend that date night is cancelled this week because you need to buy a partially eaten slice of pizza that will ultimately end up paying off your mortgage one day.

Serious inquiries only.

Update: The plot thickens….

With that being said, this pizza looks incredibly forgettable. So has Patrick Mahomes actually never been to that pizza shop before? Or did he just forget he was ever there? If anything, this should just give you some leverage to negotiate your way down to $40.