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Here's An Interesting Story From Inside One Of The NHL's Most Storied Organizations

He is more than the public announcer for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Greg Murray is the first and only public announcer for the CBJ and he’s never missed a game.

He said he feels special being a part of Columbus sports history, and he said when he first began he really didn’t know hockey all that much.

“Had you told me 20 years ago I’ll still be doing it I would’ve told you there was no way but here we are 730 something odd games in almost 20 years later,” said Murray.

Hasn’t ever missed a game??? Absolutely incredible. The Cal Ripken Jr. of the announcing industry. And this isn’t some brand new franchise like Las Vegas. For an organization to be around as long as the Blue Jackets have, unexpected things happen. And as much as this guy might have a perfect immune system or an impeccable health record, many of these things that happen are out of his control. Kids get sick. Nephews graduate. People get married. But Greg Murray has thrown all of this aside and has NEVER missed one Blue Jackets home game. And people say Columbus isn’t a hockey town??? Find me one person in Boston that has cared about the same thing for 20 years, let alone has shown up to work every single day. What’s Boston’s unemployment rate anyways? 10%? That sounds like the chance the Bruins have of winning tonight’s Game 4.