Someone Put The Office Highlights To 'One Shining Moment' And It's Simply Magnificent

Well, this is exactly what I needed today. A day away from Oaks. A day away from watching and betting horse racing all day on a Friday in what is supposed to be a shitty day weather wise.

This is combining two of my favorite things. One Shining Moment (I don’t care what you say, the song is a jam. Also, yes, I’m an absolute hoops nerd) and The Office. Combine the two and well, I know how to kill some time.

This is actually done perfectly though. Usually people just sub in highlights that don’t really match up. They have the tip of the basketball episode at the right moment. They have the parkour opening with the perfect moment.

Also, I don’t care how old it is. This being the ‘all those years, no one knows how hard you worked’ part will make me cackle: