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Jesse Winker Continued To Shove It Up The Mets Asses By Making A Sliding Catch To Win Tonight's Game Then Waving To The Fans At Citi Field

As if losing a 1-0 game started by Jacob deGrom because our offense reverted back to the 2018 Mets again wasn’t enough, we have Jesse Winker dancing on our graves yet again and emerging as a new boogeyman for Mets fans out of the fucking BLUE. This obviously comes 48 hours after he hit the game-winning homer on Monday night off Edwin Diaz and had himself a hell of a time celebrating that big hit.

Now Winker got to wave Mets fans goodbye after they sat outside on a shitty night just to see the bats go as cold as them before they sit in traffic on the Grand Central Parkway for an hour on a work night.

I don’t know if Winker has some New York ties, hates the Mets, or just likes busting balls. But I have to admit that I actually like this kind of shit, even though I wish it wasn’t coming at my team’s expense. A slow game like a baseball is a little more fun when there are dudes like Jesse fucking Winker trolling your ass and you hating a player you didn’t know existed mere days ago. I’m not saying I like Jesse Winker. Quite the opposite. I’ve never hated a player I cared about less than Jesse Winker. I respect Winker for being a showman, a cocksucker, or a little bit of both all in the name of the fun of the game. Dude took our All-World closer deep to win a game then made a diving catch to win another one while giving a little bit of New York love to the fans that were probably giving it to him in some form throughout this series. Now I cannot WAIT for the Mets to play the Reds in Cincinnati, which is definitely the first time I’ve ever looked forward to a Reds series. However, considering it’s in September when the Mets may have meaningful games, I will now be abjectly terrified of Jesse Winker anytime he steps near the plate like I was of guys like Pat Burrell and Yadi Molina. If you can’t at least laugh at the ridiculousness of all this, well you are probably crying because of the outcome of the game. I can’t blame you for that. Fuck, the Mets need to win tomorrow.

Unfortunately for Winker, we know how the unwritten rules of baseball work and it may be time to pay the piper…