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Wake Up With Dallas Braden Trying To Eat Alex Rodriguez Alive For Walking Across His Mound

Before he was trying to make Jared's life a living nightmare, Dallas Braden got his rocks off by almost eating Alex Rodriguez for lunch. This was quite the spectacle when it happened, too bad I can't find a full video of the incident. A-Rod was on first for a popup that landed foul. Rodriguez had attempted to go to third, but when the ball was ruled foul he took a shortcut across the diamond, directly over the mound. Dallas did NOT like that. Later in the at-bat, Braden got a double play to end the inning and boy oh boy was he going to let Alex know he did not like it. This is a christian website so I won't repeat the words Dallas was yelling towards A-Rod, but you can figure it out.
Braden let him have it but A-Rod didn't seemed bothered at all, waved him off and he was done with the whole thing. Dallas headed into the dugout and kicked a bunch of shit, only to have a sleeve of cups come back and bop him on the head. This is one of the unwritten rules of baseball, you don't cross the pitchers mound, so you know why Dallas got as mad as he did. But we all know Dallas, he's a pretty levelheaded guy. I think he handled this appropriately, and now the 2 are basically co-workers. Cant make this stuff up.