Brock Lesnar Sorta Hilariously Retired From MMA (Again) Last Night

After re-entering the USADA testing pool last year, announcing he’d be coming out of retirement to make his return to the UFC, being guaranteed a title shot against Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, promoting that bout with a little shove-off in the octagon…

…and seemingly finishing things up with the WWE last month at WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar has informed UFC President Dana White that he’s retired.

This’ll lead to Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic II on August 17th at UFC 241, which is reportedly just about finalized:

…and honestly, I kinda love it all around. Stipe gets his rematch, the fans get a much more highly-skilled contest, and the legend of Lesnar grows.

There’s no chance he’s ACTUALLY retired – well, actually, he may be, but he’ll definitely come out and go back in a few more times in the next few years just to fuck with everyone. He comes in, puts himself over, and leaves. It’s the Beast Incarnate M.O. and I love it.

Enjoy retirement, Brock!