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Not to Complain But It’s Unfair To Boston Fans That the Bruins and Celtics Play the Same Night


Listen I know people are going to say I sound like a spoiled brat here, but that’s because you don’t live in Boston and don’t what a night like tonight is like. It is wildly unfair that both the Celtics and Bruins have playoff games tonight at the same time. Yes I know this is an annual rite of passage for Boston fans. I know that no other city has 2 teams in the playoffs. But this happens to us every fucking year. Both the Bruins and Celtics make it to the playoffs and like clockwork they end up playing on the same night. It’s not right. Most Boston fans root for both teams. They both deserve 100% of our undivided attention. Why can’t the NBA and NHL figure this shit out? It makes no sense. The ratings would be higher for both if they played on separate nights. It should be a no brainer. Sure some may say it’s champagne problems, but no other city is forced to endure this. Only us. How hard is this to figure out? It’s not like the schedule makers have to worry about any city except Boston. I just hope the powers that be read this blog and figure this out before the conference finals begin for both teams.