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With Tonight's Referee Assignments, Adam Silver May Just Want To Watch The World Burn

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Man do I love this league. We have two pretty important Game 2s tonight and if you follow this league I don’t think there is a single person who is surprised by the referee assignments. Now the league was quick to get out and try and dispute any conspiracies as you can see below

If that’s the case, why not announce what the schedule is before each series? Even is this is true, the optics of it all are brutal. Let’s also not pretend the league is completely unaware of the history with some of these officials. As every Rockets fan will tell you, for whatever reason there is some personal beef between them and Scott Foster, everybody knows it, so why would the league assign him to that series in the first place? Why even open yourself up to that sort of nonsense? Then with Tony Brothers, I suppose it’s just a coincidence that the Celts are 1-8 in his games since 2012. There are legit arguments to be made that neither of these guys should even be working this far into the playoffs, let alone assigned to teams they have a legit history with.

I won’t go so far as to say these games are already decided, but for a league that is so good when it comes to PR and public perception, I don’t know what they’re thinking with this. It’s only going to make their referee problem worse in my opinion. You think the Rockets are going to think they got a fair shake tonight? No chance

If you’re not aware of why this may be a big deal to some fanbases, allow me to explain

Rockets vs Scott Foster

Well, there’s this

– Since the 2017 postseason the Rockets are 0-6 when Scott Foster refs their games.

– First Rockets game he’s done since that video in February

– It’s just hilarious that immediately after we learn about the Rockets complaining about how they are officiated, the NBA responds by assigning the one official that they have the biggest gripe with.

– During the regular season in Foster games, the home team won 68% of the time.

– 4 of the 7 times James Harden has fouled out, it’s come in Scott Foster games

Celtics vs Tony Brothers/Marc Davis

– I already gave you the record, just 1-8 in Tony Brothers games.

– Home teams win 65% of the time in Tony Brothers games

– Marc Davis isn’t innocent either, we all remember this play right?

– In terms of home/road teams, Marc Davis has a foul percentage of 50.5% for road teams and Brothers 50.6%

– The NBA put the health of Tommy Heinsohn at risk with this assignment, and that’s something I cannot allow. He HATES Tony Brothers

This is the problem I think a lot of people have with the NBA. Even if it’s sort of weak to have the mentality that a game is already over before it even tips just because of who the officials are, that just tells you what a problem it is. Adam Silver always talks about the intregrity of the league and all this bullshit, well how can you say shit like that and then have assignments like these in two HUGE playoff series? The idea that the NBA fixes games or heavily impacts games only gets louder, and you bet your ass if there are massive FTA differences in both of those games that benefit the Bucks/Warriors it’s only going to get worse.