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NBA Playoffs Recap As Told Through Magic Johnson's Tweets

Here we go. Perhaps you were caught up watching something else. Perhaps you were running around and not interested in the NBA Playoffs. Perhaps you’re a Tampa Bay Lightning fan dealing with the 4-0 sweep by the Blue Jackets. I don’t know where you were. But, luckily we have Magic Johnson, nay, we have Magic Johnson’s twitter to get everyone up to speed.

There’s a common theme here. A lot of stars. He’s loving that everyone is playing like a star. Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. Three of the top-10ish players in the league. Must see!

But, you see, there are more stars. In fact it’s the series that we’re all waiting for. Rockets/Warriors. He’s not necessarily wrong there. I mean it’s an awesome series. Granted, it’s a bit overshadowed by officiating. Still.

I’d like to imagine Draymond reading this and getting pissed off that he’s not on the list for the Warriors. Same with Gerald Green for the Rockets. Really spice it up a bit and get some anger towards Magic.

And finally we got a game 2 recap from last night:

Thank God for Magic here. I would have had absolutely ZERO clue that the series was 1-1 and Jimmy ‘James’ Butler dropped 30. Just some groundbreaking analysis here by our friend Magic.

And remember you can’t pick a favorite in the Eastern Conference because they are all favorites:

So there you have it. The NBA playoffs recapped by Magic Johnson. In summation we have superstars playing like superstars. We have stars playing against stars. And we have a bunch of favorites because you can’t simply pick a favorite.