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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Called 'Hammer' Selling 'Ebola' Out Of A Ramada Inn Hotel Room?


NJ – A man called “Hammer” sold “Ebola” out of a New Jersey hotel room, according to police. Toms River Police arrested a 47-year-old New Jersey man Monday after finding more than 600 packets of heroin, many of them branded “Ebola,” along with crack cocaine inside a room at the Ramada Inn along Route 9. Toms River Police executed a search warrant on Barnabas “Hammer” Davis’ hotel room after the Lakewood Township Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit tipped them off to alleged drug dealing out of rear suites at the hotel. Investigators found 633 wax folds containing heroin and about 40 grams of crack cocaine in Davis’ possession, according to police. Officials said the heroin had a variety of “trademark” stamps, including the brand name “Ebola.”

Gotta strike while the iron is hot, and Ebola is officially “in”. People are making 500K selling Ebola Vitiman C Tablets for goodness sake. Hammer is making up for that failed GED by being business savvy. That’s all. Regardless, I’d rather drink a gallon of Ebola than ingest whatever smack Hammer’s packing in that hotel room. Whatever’s manifesting in the bed sheets of a Jersey Ramada Inn is 100000x deadlier.

h/t Scott