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God's Plan: The Sixers Invade Canada And Win A Game On The Road To Officially Start The 2nd Round

It wasn’t pretty. There were plenty of turnovers. There were plenty of missed opportunities. The Raptors played probably the worst game they’ve played all season and it still came down to the wire. But a win is a win, especially on the road in the playoffs. Saw a lot of folks just writing off this series completely after game 1. Pretty sure the broom industry in the Greater Toronto Area was booming with everybody anticipating the sweep. But just like that, the series has officially begun. 30 points out of James Buckets. A big dick game out of Third Leg Greg Monroe. James Ennis III proving what everybody has been saying all along–that he is the most important player on this Sixers roster. And on top of it all, Joel Embiid didn’t end up pooping his pants with his gastroenteritis. All things considered, that was a massive win to bring back to South Philly.