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Barstool Philly Sports Podcast - The Time Smitty "Made A Living" Playing Online Poker Professionally For Two Years


And there you have it. Everything is spelled out in the Podcast, but basically it’s a modern day Greek freaking Tragedy. If you think I’m bluffing it’s pretty much all laid out in the statistics. The two names I played under the most were Smitty1581 for Pokerstars and MonkeyFunMan (WTF was I thinking with that one?) on Fulltilt, but in reality I was playing under my girlfriend’s and friend’s accounts, too, and try to get the most out of deposit bonuses and such. That doesn’t even include Bodog/AP/UB and other sites.

Oh, and after you listened to myself explain how online poker basically ruined 3+ years of my life, be sure to sign up for the 2nd Annual Barstool Poker Tournament tonight (MUST PLAY IN JERSEY). It’ll be the first time I’m back to the online felt since 2011. Damn right I expect to win the comeback player of the life award.