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A Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend By Recreating Jim And Pam's Engagement From The Office At A Local Wawa

I’m sure people will shit all over this proposal because that’s what the internet does for anything that’s a little different. But I fucking loved it. So many get hung up on avoiding doing weird or cliche things because of what other people may say. But as someone that has taken that long trip down to one knee, I can tell you that once you are on the other side of it, you don’t care what anyone else has to say other than the person you are asking the question to. And even then, you only care if they say “Yes”. All those other people don’t matter at all unless they are going to pay the tens of thousands of dollars for the incredible party you will lowkey regret spending so much money on less than 5 years after it’s over.

Now I know that recreating a scene from The Office for one of the biggest moments of not only your life. But your spouse’s life seems like a wild move to some. But these people are clearly The Office diehards to the point none of us can really fathom. I think typical Office fans like most Stoolies consume about 1-2 hours a night of The Office either actively or in the background, which is a ridiculous number from a show that went off the air more than 5 years ago. Yet the couple in this video are people that have not only have the show playing on loop, but also made a pilgrimage to Scranton, PA and read the books. Okay, I’m not sure if The Office actually has books or an extended universe. But if it does, these people have definitely read all the books and maybe even written some. You know how I know this? Because someone told me the groom-to-be told me he is having his bachelor party in Costa Rica because that’s where Toby went in the show and they have already planned out a Forever wedding entrance just because Pam and Jim did it at their wedding.

If you don’t think that these people are serving beets for dinner straight from a sick fuck that renamed his produce company Schrute Farms while also giving people tissue boxes in their hotel gift bags so they can walk around like Kevin at Jim and Pam’s wedding, you clearly don’t get what this couple is all about. And I’m not going to go near any of that “Pam is a bad person” or “Jim and Pam are actually a lame couple” slander because it’s toxic (and also has many valid points, especially after they become parents.). But I will defend that their relationship early in the show was awesome with the first time Jim asks Pam on a date and him not being able to wait to propose to her any longer after buying the ring right after they started dating is among the best love stories ever told. Not just in TV shows or fiction. But in life.

The other part of this engagement that will not doubt piss people off is popping the question at a glorified gas station restaurant would seem like a wild place to get engaged to outsiders. But if you have ever heard anybody who lives near a Wawa talk about Wawa, you would know that those stores are pretty much up there with a town’s police station, firehouse, places of worship, and schools in order of importance. I imagine if you gave someone from Wawa Country a choice to either eat a Gobbler sandwich after getting a new rock on their finger or walk around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, almost every single one of them would take their Thanksgiving sandwich with a shit ton of snack and drink choices over being surrounded by a bunch of French people talking about the stupid Americans in their bougie language.

Finally, I guarantee you there is nothing that will take place on these crazy kids’ wedding night or honeymoon that will top the feeling of getting a quote retweet from John Krasinski.

P.S. Not to nitpick, but I almost feel like if you are going to do this, you have to go to the actual gas station from the show instead of your local Wawa. I don’t know how you convince your girl to go there if you aren’t from that town. But anything less than the real deal gas station makes this a half measure in my eyes. Save the half measures for when you are actually married, not when you are still technically in the courting phase.

h/t Dave