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Is Las Vegas Just Giving Away Free Money These Days?

Expectations are high for the Cleveland Browns this coming season, with recent second-round pick Greedy Williams already calling for them to make the Super Bowl.

But one Las Vegas sportsbook doesn’t have them favored to even make the postseason.

The SuperBook at the Westgate Las Vegas opened odds on all 32 NFL teams to make (or miss) the postseason on Sunday afternoon, with the Browns a -120 favorite to miss the playoffs.

My parents always told me that money doesn’t grow on a tree, but they never mentioned that it grew on a cactus out in the desert. Is this some sort of misprint? I know that Vegas wasn’t built on winners but they are literally giving away money here. What makes the playoffs in the AFC, 10 wins? Please find any logical path in which the Cleveland Browns don’t win at least 10 of these games. Remember: we have Baker, OBJ, Myles Garrett, Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb, David Njoku, and Kareem Hunt (after Week 8), and the entire division has made a conscious effort to get rid of all of their good players.


I can’t do it. I literally cannot find any possible way that the Cleveland Browns even lose more than 4 games this year. I mean, even when I try to be pessimistic and give every single coin flip game to the other team, I still have us at 12-4. Who can beat us? MAYBE the Rams and Seahawks, but both of those games are at home. And then we could drop one at the Patriots or in Week 17 when we rest our starters. So even in the worst possible scenarios, we go 12-4. And Vegas has us at -120 to MISS the playoffs?

Pick: Browns Will Make The Playoffs (+100)