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LeBron Hijacked Bronny's AAU Team Huddle And Overthrew The Coach

Oh, LeBron got rid of another coach? Color me shocked. This is the most LeBron thing ever. Just strolling into the huddle like he owns the joint. Leaning over all the kids to talk over the coach. This is 100% something you see on AAU Bingo or something that every person makes fun of. This is bad parenting. Probably making sure the team runs 4 Down for Bronny instead of constant motion or a pick and pop set for a big that can shoot the ball. The ego on this guy!

The sad thing is they just let him coach. If you’re the coach of this team you have to step to the guy. I don’t care if he’s LeBron. What’s he going to do? Fire you? Dare him to. He only does that to NBA coaches. You have to take control of your team here.

And I’ll tell you what else. If I’m Bronny I’m embarrassed. I’m sitting in the hotel room telling dad to calm his shit. Remember how LeBron said he felt bad naming his kid Bronny because of the pressure? I’m sure hijacking huddles and overthrowing coaches helps with that.