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Nicolas Cage Has Officially Lost His Mind, Filmed Belting Out 'Purple Rain' Blackout Drunk At A Karaoke Bar

Source -  Something about “Purple Rain” speaks to Nicolas Cage’s soul, because he hit up the same karaoke bar twice in 3 nights for 2 emotional renditions of Prince’s hit … which is now Nic’s anthem.

We got this new vid of him pouring it all out on stage at what’s clearly his favorite joint in L.A.’s Koreatown, and this time around it’s way more over-the-top, angry and demonstrative than the first clip we got earlier this week. This performance went down last Friday, and you see Nic pacing around the room during what we’ll graciously call … his impassioned delivery of Prince’s classic.

Nicolas is trying to annul his recent quickie marriage of 4 days.Nic quickly soured on his new wife, Erika Koike, and filed for an annulment. He says they were bombed when they got hitched in Vegas and it was just the spur of the moment. 

Look it’s no secret Nic Cage is going through a rough patch. Kmarko blogged about his four day marriage and subsequent divorce last week. But this? This is some dark shit. You don’t go to a karaoke bar alone unless you’re at the end of your rope. To be honest, I don’t blame him. Think how far he has fallen. He went from stealing the Declaration Of Independence to being a regular at a Koreatown bar who sings Purple Rain after getting drunk on White Russians.

I’d like to blame it all on the divorce, but his downfall has been a long time coming. I remember reading about him spending three-hundred grand on a dinosaur skull like five years ago. Not to mention the two castles, a private island, and car collection that rivaled Uday Hussein’s. Mentally well people don’t live life that way.

I just hope he can bounce back. I’d love to see a Con Air 3. At the very least he should take this video and see if he can get on Lip Sync Battle. As long as he doesn’t overact I’d say he has a shot at winning the whole thing. Thoughts and prayers to NC during this tough time.