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This Guy Is Not Having Nearly As Much Fun As He Should Around These Playful Pandas

It’s OK to mix in a little pleasure with business, Yao. You’re only with the cutest animals on Earth outside a gaggle of attacking baby Pugs. Hey, I get it. It’s a job. Even if you love what you do it’s still tough to constantly smile on your face. Compared to most (all) professions blogging is certified cake, and I still sometimes feel like punting the laptop to the moon instead of mispelling another word. Come to think about it, my job could solely be watching sports while Nina Agdal drops by every hour to give Balcuzzi’s from heaven, but once in a blue moon I’d want to watch the History Channel and take a nap. Not that I don’t like getting my balls fizzled while breaking down the Birds, I’d just like to be able to call an audible once in awhile.

Veteran Dad move with the swing-around. I recall it ending with a spanking while growing up, but to each their own.