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Is Kim Foxx The Most Obtuse Person On Planet Earth?


A Chicago judge has lambasted Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office for dropping charges against actor Jussie Smollett but pressing forward with similar charges against an unknown citizen.

Judge Marc Martin hammered prosecutors in a tirade from the bench earlier this month in a Rolling Meadows courtroom outside Chicago, demanding to know why there appeared to be a double standard.

The judge’s screed was prompted by the case of 21-year-old Candace Clark, who is accused of giving a friend access to her bank account and then falsely telling police that money had been stolen from it. Clark is charged with a felony.

 I have a question for Kim Foxx:

Because right now you look like a fucking moron.

In case you aren’t up to speed on what/who Kim Foxx is, she’s the Cook County DA who basically just said fuck it and dropped all charges on the Jessie Smollett case.  Nobody knows how or why it happened other than Smollett has some money and is somewhat famous.

This is seriously mind blowing stuff.  I have recused myself from talking about this case (lol get it?) publicly because it’s a touchy subject, but this one I couldn’t pass up.  It doesn’t matter if you’re blue, red, everyone thinks Smollett is a complete asshole.  He’s done more to bring the left and right together than anyone over the last 3 years.  It was truly incredible; you had Trump Jr. and Rahm Emannuel agreeing with each other!  In public no less!

It truly is incredible how everyone on the planet is, at least for one time, on the same page, except the two people who matter.  Smollett who still claims innocence even though he just got sued by his two attacked for staging the crime and Foxx who’s the DA that can make the charges disappear.

And make them disappear she did.  Every night Jussie Smollett goes to sleep praying to God, Allah, L Ron, or whichever deity he prays to that  Kim Foxx exists.  Because her actions have taken a LOT of heat off him.  Focus is on her instead of him, and that’s best case scenario for him.

Then actually having the balls to charge some random idiot with a felony for filing a police report just a few weeks after dropping all charges on the biggest case of the same crime like… ever?

That is ASKING for the entire national media to shit on your head and FOREVER.  Somebody, some adviser, some friend or sibling or cousin, ANYONE who’s close to her should have told her this before she dropped Smollet’s charges.  Like I said, at least some eyes are on her now.  Even to the point where she’s getting death threats.

Now obviously if you’re fucking dumb enough to get worked up enough about this to the point where you threaten someone’s life, you deserve to be punished to the absolute fullest extent of the law.  Even writing a blog on it like I’m doing is borderline overboard.  But Foxx’s actions have been so dumb these last few weeks that I just couldn’t resist.