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The Jaguars Might Murder At Least 6 Quarterbacks This Season After Drafting Josh Allen

I’m pretty shocked that Josh Allen was there at number 7 but not surprised that he was taken by the Jaguars. Anytime a player like Allen is there, you gotta take him even if DE isn’t a HUGE need. Plus, it’s fun. Fuck drafting an offensive tackle. The Jaguars got their QB in Big Dick Nick; now they are upping the skill set on the defensive side of the ball.

Yannick Ngakoue and Calais Campbell are the “starting” defensive ends with Campbell being the heavy who moves inside on obvious passing downs. On those downs, the Jaguars will be very dangerous and I can’t wait. Yannick, Marcell Dareus, Calais Campbell, and now Josh Allen. Pretta pretta good.

Now we GOTTA get a tight end and some wide receivers. If we dont, the defense will need to hold everybody to under 20 because the weapons, including Fournette, just arent good enough right now.