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Indian Broad Gives Birth To Twins On A Train - For The Second Time

Times Of India: A woman from Uttar Pradesh gave birth to twins on a moving train – the second time in four years that she has delivered twins in a train! The bizarre coincidence took place Sunday on board the Kushinagar Express. Zubin Nisha, along with her husband, was travelling from Mumbai to Gonda for delivery when she went into labour in the general compartment (S-10) between Unnao and Lucknow.

Enough is enough! I’ve had it with these motherfuckin twins on this motherfuckin train! There’s nothing quite like trains in India, right? Name one thing worse. They got Untouchables dangling from the sides of trains like it ain’t no thing. The set up a gauntlet of steal balls on top of the tracks to knock people off the top who train surf. And apparently broads just repeatedly pop out multiple babies on these things. I mean you think your commute is bad? Having to take Metro North into the city and then transfer to the subway where its crowded ass to dick and you gotta worry about beggars and street performers and shit? How about approximately 250,000 people crammed into one locomotive with Indian kids popping out of Indian vaginas? I mean, really think about that. What child birth entails. And just how disgusting it would be to be stuck on a train while an Indian woman fires kids out of her pussy. No joke I’d rather die than be on that train.

PS – They do it over here too. Last year some chick gave birth on the PATH train. Hey Indians! Stay the fuck off of trains when you’re 9 months pregnant you fucking wackos!