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Spittin' Chiclets Round 2 Picks Are Here

Here are the boys Round 2 picks. Couple shocking ones that stand out and that’s Whit having the Isles in 5 as well as Biz having the Blue Jackets in 6. Whit has basically done a 180 on the Islanders, it’s tough not to after how they looked last round against Pittsburgh, but picking them in 5 games over the team who just took down the reigning champs? That’s bold. I think Biz picking the Blue Jackets in 6 stands out to me just based off the fact I think it will go 7 regardless of who wins. The Bruins love going to Game 7’s but who knows with the Blue Jackets.

 Here is how we did last round:

RA 4-4

Whit 2-6

Biz 1-7

Grinnelli 2-6

Not the best round ever for the boys, but we’ll all bounce back. RA with some impressive picks, picking the Isles over the Penguins and Dallas over Nashville stood out to me.

Here are my picks for this round

Bruins in 7

Islanders in 7

Blues in 5

Avalanche in 6

I think we see a bunch of Game 7’s this round, as if we weren’t spoiled enough last round. I like the Bruins over the Blue Jackets, I think (hope) the time off the Blue Jackets were given may actually be an advantage for the Bruins. Rask NEEDS to outplay Bobrovsky if the Bruins want to take this one and I think he will. It’s Tuukka Time in Boston.

The Islanders are a team of destiny, plain and simple. These two teams play very similar styles of hockey but I think the Isles are just the better team. They better bring the noise at the Barclays because playing in the Coli last round definitely helped.

I think the St. Louis Blues match up so well against the Stars. The Blues are a heavy team with depth. That is the exact recipe to beat the Stars who are loaded up front. If Ryan O’Reilly can shut down Tyler Seguin, this series will end quickly.

Pretty shocked I picked the Avs in 6. But Nathan MacKinnon is out of this world right now. It’s actually insane. He has showed throughout the 1st round that he is a top-3 player in the entire league and when he turns it on, he’s extremely difficult to stop.