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Probably Not A Wise Move To Assault Someone When You're In A Prime Position To Be Run Over With Their Car

YouTube – After a woman was continuing to push and shove a driver, the driver decided to do the unexpected. Apparently the woman making the initial threats and assault on the driver is not impressed with someone seeing ‘her man. The woman left lying on the road suffered a brain hemorrhage and a fractured leg and remains in a serious condition in hospital. The police are searching for the driver, who has not surrendered themselves.

When keeping it real goes wrong. “I”m about to show you how I get down bitch…” Famous last words that technically ring true. That’s exactly what happens when you only bring your bare hands and mouth to a car fight.

Forget about the driver who was exercising clear self defense, how about the cameraman surrenders themselves for missing the best part of the video? Total amateur hour.