Don't You Even Think About Touching The Top Of Chris Paul's Head

Pretty simple, under no circumstances are you to touch Chris Paul on the top of his head. Ever. No discussion. You would think his own teammate in PJ Tucker would know the rules by now because honestly this isn’t anything new. Remember back in like 2012 when Pau Gasol tried to touch/pat the top of Paul’s head? Yeah he made it clear he is not about that shit

Remember, Chris Paul has a son so don’t treat him like that. This time though it was in celebration of a big series win, and while Paul didn’t shoot the ball all that well the big thing is he remained healthy and now we all get to enjoy HOU/GS with both teams at full strength. There’s an argument to be made the winner of that series should pretty much win the title so I’d say the stakes are pretty big.

So let this be a reminder to every Rockets player from here on out. If you somehow get past GS, for the love of God leave the top of Chris Paul’s head alone.