Chip Kelly, Nick Foles And Mark Sanchez Mic'd Up Is Much Watch Stuff For Any Eagles, Nay, Football Fan

“Culture wins football”. That’s Goddamn right, Heisenchip.

Coaches and players mic’d up in any sport will never get old. This is special because it’s amazing how Chip and Co are so unbelievably relaxed. You see players and coaches going apeshit on the sidelines all the time, which is fantastic, but there’s just something about the business-casual way the Eagles go about their ways that sticks out. Nobody is going nuts, and when asked what the plan is the man in charge calmly responds “Score fucking points, what’s your plan?”. Absolutely love it.

“You should try the chicken tenders…they’re good.” – The Artist Formerly Known As Sanchize. The guy has the cakest job in the world. Look good, play grab ass on the sidelines, slay everything around Philly and wait till the offseason when another lottery check rolls in. The life.