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Teen Mom Farrah Crushes Kim Kardashian In Her Sex Tape Debut

NY PostFormer “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham’s porn video debuted last night and it crushed the viewing numbers set by Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s sex tape. “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” hit Vivid Entertainment’s website yesterday and quickly amassed 2 million viewers in just 12 hours, a feeding frenzy so intense that it crashed the porn site’s servers for eight minutes, according toTMZ. In comparison, Kim K’s video only got 600,000 views in the same time frame. Abraham initiallly denied that she was involved with the release of the tape, but then it emerged that it was a professionally shot XXX video with porn star, James Deen. Sold to porn powerhouse Vivid Entertainment, Abraham reportedly made close to $1M for the 70-minute tape.

The champ is here! Who would have thought Farrah Abraham would become the undisputed champ of the pornog world? Who saw that coming? Just absolutely trouncing the Kim K sex tape. Now granted we’re comparing apples to oranges. We’re talking about a “sex tape” vs a professional porno. Kim K was just a couple having normal standard sex. Backdoor Teen Mom is with girl with absolutely no boundaries and God given porno talents. The hype surrounding her performance was absolutely unparalleled. Then once word of mouth got out that she delivered an A+ performance, the sky was the limit. Really was just the perfect storm of an absolute whore and internet promotion.

PS – Its downright impressive how quickly these people are pulling down the links to the full movie from Youjizz and Youporn and what not. Stoolies have been emailing me links all day for 2 straight days and every time within 5 minutes of them sending its yanked down. Vivid is better at keeping this off the internet than MLB is at keeping their content of youtube.