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Olympic Gymnast Smokeshow Nastia Liukin Still Brings The Heat As She Front-Flips a First Pitch at the Cardinals Game

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve always had a thing for Nastia Liukin. As a 15 year old teenage boy watching the 2008 Olympics I fell in love with her and Shawn Johnson. They were only a few years older than me so I felt like I had a shot, because one can dream and this is America. Seeing Nastia pop up yesterday throwing out the first pitch at the Cards game brought back all the feels. There’s something about gymnasts that boosts them up to a whole different level. They’ve got that Mia Malkova flexibility that no one else has. They do shit that you’ve never even heard of in the bedroom. I mean look at this shit.

I very well might be in the minority here, but I’m a big Nastia Liukin guy. She’s a weapon.