Jennifer Garner Is People's 2019 Most Beautiful Person

It's nearly impossible to be universally beloved (trust me), but Jennifer Garner makes that shit look easy. Not only is she completely adorable (those dimples... come on!), but her girl-next-door persona makes you feel like she's someone whose company you would actually enjoy.

"I have never been more nervous. I guess I thought you guys would boo. You know what I mean? You guys are expecting Kaia Gerber, and it's me. I feel like bolting. Like I should go... because it's so ridiculous."

Garner thought people would boo her when they found out she was People's Most Beautiful and not Kaia Gerber?!! This is exactly why she's the ideal woman! I'm not here to shame Kaia Gerber, she's obviously a beautiful girl (hard not to be when you look exactly like Cindy Crawford), but there's just something remarkable about Jennifer Garner.

If you're a straight female, Garner is someone you could get drunk with, share your deepest, darkest secrets with zero judgement on her end, and then she'd make you something fantastic to eat.

If you're a dude, the exact same thing is true except you would top that off with the best sex of your life. I mean, all those years as a badass bitch on Alias definitely taught her a thing or two.



Ben Affleck's greatest mistake will always be fucking that relationship up. Not that you will ever hear that from Garner because she has never spoken a bad word about him or taken the opportunity to paint him as the alcoholic, unstable, gambling addict that he was. Instead, she's handled the separation with immense grace and kindness.

I'd say Most Beautiful Person was well earned.