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Devil's Advocate: The Bears Should NOT Want A Reunion With Robbie Gould

San Francisco 49ers franchise kicker Robbie Gould says he has pulled the contract proposals he sent to the team and told the Niners that he will not negotiate or sign a long-term deal with them and wants to be traded.

Gould said Tuesday that if he reports at all, it will not be before the 49ers’ Sept. 8 regular-season opener, making him a summer holdout.

Gould’s agent, Brian Mackler, said: “At this time, we are unsure when or if he will report. It will not be prior to Sept 8, at the earliest, if at all.”

So the big news for the Bears this week, with them not having a day 1 or 2 pick in this year’s draft, is that Robbie Gould is demanding a trade from San Francisco, opening up a potential reunion with him and the Bears.  This got most Bears fans GIDDY.

and I get it; he’s the all time leading scorer in Bears history and one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history, nailing about 88% of his kicks.

And last year we saw this:

that resulted in this:

but Robbie Gould is a legit icon, or as much of an icon as a kicker can be in a city.  Team captain, LOVES Chicago, still resides there with his family in the offseason, and admittedly still considers himself a Bears fan even while he’s technically the competition.

But if history has taught me anything, it’s this:

Kicker is arguably the most pressure packed position in sports.  You’re on an island.  When you miss a big kick, you get a bunch of drunken Carl’s wishing death upon you.  And though Gould has been nothing but nails and has nothing but ice cold blood in his veins, he has NOWHERE to go but up with Bears fans.

After last year’s kicking debacle, the pressure for Gould to come in and be the Messiah for the Bears would be absurd.  He’d be walking in as a player that plays an already exceptionally pressure packed position, and have all the more pressure on him.  That scares me.

Say the Bears are playing the Rams or Saints or some shit to go to the Super Bowl this year.  Gould misses a kick.  Bears fans would do a 180 and want his head on a stake.

We saw it on the South Side with Robin Ventura and the White Sox.  Ventura was a fucking great player for the White Sox.  He put up about 40 fWAR in 8 full seasons with the Sox, good for about 5.0/ year.  That’s a bona fide all star.  For his career he’s almost at 60 WAR which is Hall of Really Good, if not better numbers.

But he was hired to manage the White Sox when they were a complete mess and he takes a LOT of the blame for those years.  There are a lot of White Sox fans who won’t remember him for being one of the best defensive players in baseball over the course of a decade, and one who is almost at the top of the all time grand slams list, but instead they’ll remember him as the lame duck manager who couldn’t handle pitching changes and looked like he didn’t give a fuck at all.

Now of course he could come in and nail a playoff game winner, the Bears advance and maybe, just maybe win the Super Bowl and he takes his throne as one of the most beloved athletes in Bears Chicago history.  Not saying this is impossible, and I’d love for that to be the case.  And maybe in the back of my head I don’t want there ever to be any reason to *maybe* dislike Robbie Gould.  But if they do somehow reacquire him, I think the expectations for him to be so money on field goals will be so high that the juice won’t really be worth the squeeze, at least not for him.

This was just me playing devil’s advocate, go and get Gould right fucking now