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12 Year Old Kid Demanding Police Officer's Badge Number Is The Worst Kid On The Planet Earth

Daily Mail- One 12-year-old Las Vegas boy has become a viral video hero after reminding a thirsty police officer he’s not above the law.  The young man, who identifies himself as Jeremy in the video, springs into action when he sees a motorcycle cop park illegally on the sidewalk. The officer was apparently going to buy a soft drink.  ‘Is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk?’ Jeremy asks. ‘Is it like an emergency or anything?’ When the cop refuses to answer, Jeremy goes one step further. ‘Can I see your badge number?’ he asks. ‘Why?’ the officer responds. ‘Because I have the right to.’  ‘Are you a lawyer?’ The officer asks.  ‘No I just want to see your badge number.’  The officer refuses to give over his badge number but asks Jeremy to give him an ID.  Jeremy keeps pressing the officer for his badge number, but finally the man rides off leaving Jeremy to wonder what the emergency was.

If I could pick on person on the planet earth to unload one punch square in the middle of their face, it would be these little bitch. Fuck this kid. He’s without a doubt the biggest loser on the planet earth. Zero percent chance he has a single friend. Hes undoubtedly the kid who reminds the teacher to assign homework and rats people out for anything and everything. He’s the poster child for this new generation of Occupy kids who thinks that every police officer or politician or authority figure is out to get them. They bang their drums and shit in public parks while “protesting” and make these videos trying to show how edgy and rebellious they are when in reality they’re just a bunch of spoiled assholes who have never had to deal with life’s real hardships. This kid at age 12 is like the #1 stud prospect in the world of Occupy crybabies. He’ll be the Lebron James of insufferable hipster assholes who confuse being a spoiled pest with making some sort of statement.

You’re 12 years old dude. You should be riding your bike and smoking cigarettes and chasing after chicks. Hitting golf balls with aluminum bats in the middle of the street. Getting into trouble. Grinding on chicks at school dances trying not to get a boner. Instead you’re running around town giving a hard time to some cop like you’re protesting ‘Nam and this is your civil disobedience rally. Get a fuckin life nerd. Because you’re inevitably gonna be the same kid who tries to sue the school because you got stuffed in 5,000 lockers over the course of your childhood and you’re gonna want law enforcement on your side.