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The Leafs Have One Person To Blame For The Series Loss

The city of Toronto is mad right now, it’s understandable, they should be. They just lost a series where they were up 3-2 with a chance to win on home ice. So who should the lovely people of Toronto point the finger at? And while some may want to blame Drake or Justin Bieber, the answer is Nazem Kadri.

Kadri was the X factor in this series. He was one of the Leafs best players in the first two games of the series. That is where the Toronto Maple Leafs had the biggest mismatch against the Boston Bruins, they had a 30-goal-scorer on their 3rd line. Boston doesn’t even come close to matching that offensive fire power on the 3rd line.

This is two years in a row Nazem Kadri has taken himself out of the series selfishly. Last year with the hit on Tommy Wingles and this year with his cross check to the face of Jake Debrusk. It’s tough to say the series outcome would have been completely different had Nazem Kadri been in the Leafs lineup, but he sure as shit would of made it a lot more difficult for the Bruins.

Not only does Kadri bring an offensive touch, he brings the ability to take other players out of the game mentally. It’s a trait that, if you are good at, you can be very effective at the NHL level and make a lot of money, look at Brad Marchand and Mathew Tkachuk for example.

Leafs fans should be mad right now. They should actually be furious. That was a tough series loss and they are a city who deserves better. They haven’t won the cup since 19 fucking 67. We are talking over 50 years. It’s time they get some guys in the room who take the logo on the front more important than the name on the back.

And it sucks too because you hear that Kadri is such a good guy who is loved in that locker room. But with all the cap issues that team has and how the series played out, who knows if we’ll see Kadri back in Toronto next season.