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The World Was Almost Deprived Of J-Lo's Green Dress... And Google Images

Back in 2000, Jennifer Lopez was not a household name. She had certainly started to make waves – she brought Selena back to life, starred in Anaconda (lol) and Out of Sight, released an album, was dating Puff Daddy, and was nominated for a Grammy – but she wasn’t anywhere close to the megastar she is now.

Then she wore the green Versace dress and everyone, I mean EVERYONE knew who she was.

42nd Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 3.01.43 PM

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 3.01.08 PM

(The front of the dress always gets all the love- we forget how hot the back is.)

My God. It’s been 19 years and I’m still drooling. That dress put Lopez on the map in a way maybe only Marilyn Monroe’s white halter dress can compare. To be clear, I’m by no means saying a dress made her career, but it definitely boosted her status. (So much so, we Google differently now because of J-Lo. More on this later.)

And to think it almost didn’t happen!

According to Lopez, the dress was a super last-minute choice that her stylist was advising her NOT to wear because several other women – Donatella Versace and Geri Haliwell – had both previously worn it.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 3.11.43 PM

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 3.11.58 PM

First of all, sucks to be them. I wouldn’t want to be known as the chick who didn’t look nearly as good in the same green dress Jennifer Lopez’s name is synonymous with. Hard pass.

And secondly, what happens if she doesn’t wear the dress? Would she be AS big as she is now? Would she be the fashion icon and trendsetter she is today? More importantly, how many more years would we have had to wait for Google to roll out Images?

“Years later I found out that because of that night and because of that dress, Google Images was actually created. That so many people went searching for this, and they had no way to search a picture at that time on the internet so they created Google Images… so I’m just wondering… where’s my check?”

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 1.50.48 PM

Imagine being so hot THE INTERNET develops an image search engine just for you??? Google needs to do the right thing and show J-Lo a little love after they’ve essentially made billions thanks to her tropical perfection.

And you? Well next time you type in “Emily Ratajkowksi” or “Kelly Rohrbach,”

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 3.03.55 PM

you should take the time to give J-Lo a silent “thank you” for inspiring the fine people of Google to create an easy portal for you to use for your… curiosity.
P.S. Who wore it best: J-Lo in 2000 or J-Lo in 2014?

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 3.02.21 PM