Breaking News: Springfield Foam Has Been Rescheduled To Thursday April 4th


Motherfucking mother nature! So what I would have said never was going to happen in a million years 5 hours ago has happened. We have rescheduled Springfield Foam to Thursday April 4th due to this so called blizzard that is bearing down on New England. I’m sure everybody is going to say this is the Pussification of Barstool blah, blah, blah. Hey it probably is. But here are the facts. The Springfield Falcons who had a game Friday Night at Mass Mutual postponed it for the first time ever. The buses that were scheduled to take people from Umass and Westfield State refused to drive and cancelled on us. So we had hundreds of stranded kids with no way to get there.  More importantly we were going to have 3,000 kids getting out of this show in the middle of a blizzard having to figure out a way to get home.  The First Lady said fuck it.  Let them fend for themselves.  If they die they die.  I need a new handbag.  But to me it wasn’t worth the risk. It would be one thing if this was on campus and everybody could walk, but that wasn’t the case. I wanted to wait to reschedule till Friday morning to make sure the forecast was correct, but we figured we better let people know sooner rather than later so they could alter plans. If you rented a bus call and reschedule. They should honor that change.


All tickets bought for Friday will be honored on the new date of Thursday April 4th. If you can’t make it on that date or for any reason you can get a refund through ticketmaster or the place you bought them. Ticketmaster will email everybody with the info.

But remember this: