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The Verified Citrus Bowl Twitter Account Is Now 'Official Josh Allen Stan Account' To Get Him Drafted No. 1 Overall

I don’t know who is running the Citrus Bowl account (it’s not me, I swear). But, I love them. I’m pretty sure they are trying to become my best friend as much as they are trying to get Josh Allen drafted No. 1 overall. It’s phenomenal.

I’ll tell you what else. They aren’t lying. I’m believing the hype about Josh Allen being the best player in this class and it has nothing  everything to do with me being a UK football fan. I don’t know how many other players can drop in coverage, get to the quarterback, handle double teams, get blatantly held and still be an All-American:

I see now flaws in this attempt to get Josh Allen (the great one) No. 1 overall. Sure, he’s projected to go somewhere in the 3-6 range (No. 6 according to our own draft expert, Steven Cheah). But, he’s No. 1 overall to me and the Citrus Bowl and that’s all that matters.

This clip still gets me fired the hell up: