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Shaq Soaking The Hell Out Of Charles Barkley With A SuperSoaker Is Like Watching A Cute Dog Video

Sometimes there are things that are just so pure and hilarious for no real reason that you are guaranteed to smile. This exactly does that. I’ve watched this video no less than 500 times already. You know Shaq has years of frustration with Charles Barkley. The two of them go at it all the time:

But, look at Chuck here. It’s so pure. He looks like a puppy playing in the hose. Those videos are always adorable and that’s the only way I can describe this clip of Shaq and Barkley. Adorable. I mean look at Barkley he just gives up. He just enjoys it. That’s exactly what my puppy does when I spray him with the hose for fun.

Best show on TV and it’s not close.