The Yankees Win One Of The More Bizarre Games You'll Ever Watch In 14 Innings at 3 AM

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

It’s 3AM on the East Coast as I begin to write this blog. The Yankees just defeated the Los Angeles Angels in 14 innings in a game that was as frustrating and fun as one can possibly be. Of course it ended at 3am. Why wouldn’t it? I talked about how with Game of Thrones, Avengers: Endgame, the NFL Draft, and Yankees west coast baseball there was no way I’d get an hour of sleep this week. I wasn’t kidding. This game was so weird I started to make a list of all the weird shit that happened. That’s how we’re recapping this one, so let’s do it.

-For starters the Yankees won the game in 14 innings. In that 14th inning they struck out four times. Gleyber Torres led off the inning with a strike out, but Jonathan Lucroy channeled his inner Jon Lester and tossed the ball into the outfield. I thank Lucroy for his efforts in ending this game and letting me get some sleep tonight.

-Gio Urshela played hero ball in that 14th inning. Before that though, he gave the Yankees the lead in the 12th inning with a sac-fly. That lead was blown by Chapman, but Urshela came through again two innings later to say good night. He also made a ridiculous play at 3rd earlier in the game which looked similar to something a Mr. Machado would do over there. He’s a really good baseball player and we are very fortunate to have him given the current status of this roster. After the game, when asked about his stellar defense he said “I catch the ball. I make the outs.” Brilliant.

-Clint Frazier hit a leadoff double in the 12th inning to snap a streak of 23 straight plate appearances without a base hit in the game for New York. Fun times.

-After Clint got to second, he made a awkward slide back to second on a pick-off play where he turned his ankle pretty badly. I legit almost had a heart attack. If Clint had to come out of the game that would be 14 guys hurt. Clint is among the key guys contributing right now and we cannot afford to lose him. Luckily he toughed it out and came around to score on a sac fly from Urshela. If Clint had to come out then DJ LeMahieu might have had to play in the outfield. We’ll see how his ankle feels in the morning, but after wrapping it up good he managed to finish the game despite a pretty good limp. After what he went through last year, you’re going to have to chop his leg off to keep him from going out there.

-JA Happ struggled to start but ended up pitching seven really good innings. Back to back quality starts for him after a nightmare beginning to the season. The starting pitching lately has been incredible and is what this team is going to have to lean on while the roster stays the way it is. They’re capable of winning with pitching and it’s showing. That’ll go a long way throughout the season.

-Hansel Robles came out to the Undertaker’s theme song and an electric video.

-Tommy Kahnle looked awesome and struck out Calhoun on a really cool changeup. Kahnle is right at the top of reliable relievers on this club and I couldn’t be happier about it. Tommy is my guy.

-On today’s episode of “What asshole from the bullpen is going to blow the game,” Aroldis Chapman was today’s lucky winner. Chapman surrendered a game-tying hit to Goodwin in the 12th, erasing Frazier-Urshela’s efforts to win it there.

-On that play, Zack Cozart hurt himself diving back to second and had to leave the game. The Angels did not have any positional players left on the bench so they had to use a pitcher to pinch run. In the bottom half of the inning, Peter Bourjos had to play second base (he’s an outfielder) and the Angels forfeited their DH, making the pitcher have to hit.

-Playing second base for the first time ever, Bourjos naturally made a great diving play. Of course he did.

-Jonathan Holder struck out Mike Trout. That happened. He also pitched two clutch shutout innings to win the game. We can hold off (pun!) on sending him to the sun for now.

-Even though Mike Ford has only one hit in his major league career, Angels manager Brad Ausmus decided to intentionally walk him twice in extra innings. Ford has now more intentional walks than hits. That has to be a first. Ford was born on the 4th of July. The Angels would not let him be the hero tonight. Do the Angels hate America? Embrace debate.

-Luke Voit extended his major league leading consecutive on base streak to 33 games. He did not care to stay on base for too long. It was a long cross-country flight, the guy was probably a little tired. A quick trip around the bases will do him just fine.

Somehow some way despite all the injuries and shitty bullpen performances this team is 12-10 and has won six of their last seven games. I don’t know how they’re doing it, but I’ll take it.